We're a team of efficient, modern accountants focused on New Zealand small business and rental property accounting and tax.

We ensure your financial accounts are prepared professionally, taxes correctly calculated & minimised, tax returns filed on time.

Clients all over New Zealand find working with us easy and stress-free.

Kiwitax team are current with New Zealand small business tax and modern accounting systems.

We're flexible enough to look after all your accounting and tax returns or just the ones you want us to.

Go hands on to reduce accounting costs or leave it to us. Mix it up, we'll price to suit.

Rental property tax rules are complicated, knowing what can and can't be claimed has never been so important.

Kiwitax team are up to date and will ensure your tax claims are correct and taxes minimised.

We take the confusion out of dealing with IRD making accounting & tax stress-free and easy.

Contact us when anything comes up with IRD. We'll advise what's best and help out where possible.

As Tax Agents we help you maintain a healthy IRD relationship and avoid costly IRD penalties.

Clients gain an extension of time to file income tax returns and make some tax payments.

Whenever you have a question or would like help you're most welcome to get in touch.

Talking with us is always free.

We like to help.

Small Business

Super easy tax compliance services for Kiwi small businesses. Keep your accounting costs in check and tax returns easy and stress-free.

  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Income Tax Returns
  • GST Returns & Trading Reports
  • Tax Reminder Notices
  • Monthly Client Update Emails
  • Unlimited Email & Phone Help
  • Free Personal Meetings

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Rental Property

Stress-free accounting and tax return services for your rental property. Plain english tax advice, maximised tax claims for minimised tax.

  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Tax Reminders
  • Non-Resident Returns
  • Monthly Client Update Emails
  • Unlimited Email & Phone Help
  • Free Personal Meetings

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Starting Up

Helpful advice, correct setup and registration with accounting system and record keeping help for a stress-free start in business or rental property.

  • Sole Trader Registration
  • Partnership Registration
  • Company Incorporation & Files
  • IRD Number Application
  • GST / PAYE / FBT Registration
  • Unlimited Email & Phone Help
  • Free Personal Meetings

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Clients enjoy...

A professional accounting and tax practice with excellent client service. We work to maintain IRD compliance while ensuring your tax is minimised, without scary fees.

Stress-free accounting

Plain English communications, easy friendly systems, helpful people, unlimited free advice, IRD and ACC help. Super easy.

Professional team

Members of Accountants + Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand (ATAINZ) ensures professional ethical service.

Fair pricing

Working efficiently ensures reasonable and accountable pricing. There's zero hidden costs, your quote is 100% guaranteed.

Easy IRD

Consistently a professional, efficient service. Working with IRD becomes easy.

Genuine service

On to it people make accounting easy and tax stress-free , we like to help.

Timely compliance

Have your tax returns filed on time and know of any payments and when. Less IRD noise.

Use any accounting system you like...

We can work with. You're not locked into any one system and we offer options to best suit you.


Yes to Xero, MYOB Essentials and more. Accountant support and subscription savings.


Send the team reports from your accounting system to work with. MYOB BankLink etc.


Use yours or try our easy free templates which even calculate 15% GST for you.


Record your transactions in a book, totalled is great, then send it in, easy.


Save your bank statements, invoices and receipts in a folder and send it in.

Your choice

Kiwitax team work with a wide variety of accounting systems and are happy to adapt.

Ever delay calling your accountant due to extra fees? Talking with us is always free.

Ask us anything anytime, we're always happy to help.

Gain client rewards

Receive rewards to redeem for services - helping to keep your accounting costs in check.

Become a client

Become a client and receive a $100 Kiwitax voucher. Saving right from the start.

Prompt payment

Pay your annual accounting invoice on time, receive a Kiwitax voucher.

Client referrals

Refer people to Kiwitax and receive a Kiwitax voucher if they come aboard.

Free tax advice

Any time you've questions, we provide answers. Unlimited and free.

Say hello to Kiwitax.

We take fabulous care of accounting and tax for kiwi small business and rental property clients, nationwide and beyond.