Kiwitax GST Calculator for iPhone

The Kiwitax GST Calculator iPhone App is available from the Apple App Store. An easy tool for working out New Zealand 15% GST. Quickly add and remove 15% GST the correct way. This app has been recently updated and redesigned for iOS 7.

Install via Apple App Store

The Kiwitax GST Calculator apps are quick and easy tools for working out New Zealand GST amounts at 15%. With 3 useful functions they add GST to exclusive prices, remove GST from inclusive prices and find the original prices based on GST content. For example if you only have the inclusive price they will calculate both the GST amount and the exclusive price. If you only have the exclusive price they calculate the GST amount and the inclusive price and so on.

Kiwitax GST Calculator for Android

Kiwitax GST Calculator for Android is a quick, easy calculator for working out New Zealand GST amounts at 15%. It adds GST to exclusive prices and removes GST from inclusive prices and more. It's been available for a few years now and is still compatible with modern devices.

Install via Google Play

Kiwitax GST Calculator for Windows

A very useful app to have on your Windows Desktop. It features some nice optimisations for easily working through multiple calculations. Please note: The download button takes you to a special installer page, once there just click the "Install" button and follow the prompts. If your browser wants to save a file first download the file then double click the file once finished downloading.

Download / Install

Kiwitax Mortgage Calculator for Android

Kiwitax Mortgage Calculator is a quick and easy tool to estimate the payments for a mortgage based on the amount borrowed, the interest rate and the term of the loan. Payments can be calculated on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment basis. An easy tool for anyone wanting to work out mortgage payments anywhere, anytime!

Install via Google Play

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