What are Schedular Payments?

If you are carrying out services in certain industries and are a soletrader or partnership, the person or business paying you is required to deduct a pre-determined percentage of your income and pass this onto Inland Revenue on your behalf. Schedular Payments are kind of a self employment PAYE where your employer is your customer. Schedular Payments used to be known as Withholding Tax. Your custo... More

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Posted 17/04/2015

We've Moved!

Moving week went well and we're mostly kind of settled into our new office space at 38 Bridge Street, Ahuriri, Napier. There's still some building happening inside and painters busy outside. Hopefully signs go up Thursday. Things are set up rather temporarily for the next week or two but we are open so do come in if you're passing by. We're aiming for a client email later this week or early nex... More

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Posted 14/04/2015

Moving Week!

Moving week at last! Here's a couple of photos inside the office - some partitions and a floating ceiling still to go in over the next few days. The outside is being painted this week and hopefully signage will be up soon too. We'll keep you posted - especially via Facebook and Twitter. Reminder: we'll be closed Thursday 9 April and Friday 10 April as we relocate to our new space at 38 Bridge St... More

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Posted 7/04/2015

Due Dates for April 2015

PAYE: 1 Monthly PAYE return and any payment for March is due 20 April. GST: 1, 2 and 6 Monthly GST returns and any payments for period end 31 March are due 7 May (Normally 28 April but extra time allowed for Easter). Provisional Tax Instalment: Final instalment of 2015 Provisional Tax is due 7 May. Terminal Tax / Income Tax: Payment for year ended 31 March 2014 is due 7 April. Please contact u... More

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Posted 7/04/2015

We're Moving - More Info and Where to Find Us

Please note: Our move has been delayed by two weeks. New dates below! After 9 years working from Taradale Road our lease is expiring so we're moving to a fresh new office space in Ahuriri. We will be closed for two days... Thursday 9 and Friday 10 April ...as we pack, move and get up and running again. The former Big Save furniture building has been split into two parts - we're moving into the ... More

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Posted 25/03/2015 – Updated 7/04/2015

New Kiwitax Logo

As we're moving and needed to update addresses on stationery we've also taken the opportunity to modernise the Kiwitax logo, colours and tag line. The new tag line "friendly, efficient accounting" comes from our focus on providing fabulous client service plus being efficient at the services we provide therefore keeping your compliance costs in check. It's great having two versions too - this allow... More

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Posted 18/03/2015

Due Dates for March 2015

PAYE: 1 Monthly PAYE return and any payment for February is due 20 March. GST: 1 and 2 Monthly GST returns and any payments for period end 31 January are due 2 March (Normally 28 Feb but falls on a weekend). GST: 1 Monthly GST returns and any payments for period end 28 February are due 30 March. Income Tax Return: 2014 income tax return due for clients of tax agents are due 31 March. Any... More

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Posted 5/03/2015 – Updated 7/04/2015

Is Paying Wages "Under the Table" Worth It?

It can be easy to fall into the trap of paying your staff cash "under the table" instead of putting them on the payroll, less paperwork, no holiday pay, KiwiSaver and so on.  However this will surely backfire for you when it comes to preparing your business and/or personal income tax return. These cash withdrawals from your business will be treated as personal drawings and therefore won't be... More

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Posted 4/02/2015

Due Dates for February 2015

PAYE: 1 Monthly PAYE return and any payment for January is due 20 February. GST: 1 and 2 Monthly GST returns and any payments for period end 31 January are due 2 March (Normally 28 Feb but falls on a weekend). Any questions please ask. More

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Posted 3/02/2015

Leased Buildings and Broken Windows - Who Pays?

An interesting heads up for anyone leasing a building and for building owners.. Recently a mower launched a large rock through one of our windows resulting in an approximately $1000 bill. The building is leased and the lease states that we are responsible for the cost of replacing the glass so we contacted our insurance people to make a claim... We were advised there was a property law change ... More

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Posted 3/02/2015

How to Upload Documents to Kiwitax Team

A popular option with many clients is sending us files electronically. If you would like to easily and securely send documents to Kiwitax Team here's a quick walk-through... Sign in here - If you don't have a sign in, create one here Once signed in, go to Client Area - you'll see the uploader links on the menu. If you have a single file or multiple files to upload use the upload page Simply ... More

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Posted 2/02/2015

ACC Levies - Options to Save or Increase Cover

ACC have a plan that allows self-employed people and non PAYE shareholder employees to negotiate the level of compensation (subject to ACC approval) called ACC Cover Plus Extra. This allows you to dial down your cover (or increase it if required) and you won't need to prove your earnings when making a claim, which is required with the standard ACC plan. ACC Cover Plus Extra can be really benefici... More

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Posted 26/01/2015

ACC Levies Explained

ACC levies for people in business and now rental property profits are payable based on the profit generated from your trading activities. They are also payable on the gross wages paid to your employees. ACC levies are compulsory to cover you and your staff for personal injuries. There are concessions though if you are only part time in your business. Once your income tax return is filed for a yea... More

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Posted 26/01/2015

We're Relocating to Ahuriri in Napier

We're moving our office to Ahuriri sometime in March. The lease on our current building is coming to an end so our new location will be in one half of the former Big Save furniture building on Bridge Street (the half closest to Vetro). Construction is well under way with holes being made in walls for windows and doors, framing going up and so on. We're being shown through the week after next - thi... More

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Posted 15/01/2015

Debtor Payments Slow Coming In?

If you're finding your customers are taking too long to pay and it is creating cash flow headaches it could be worth investigating invoice factoring. This is when a third party pays you immediately a percentage of your invoice (around 80%), they then collect the funds from your client and pay you the balance less a commission once the client has paid. This way you are getting paid as soon as you ... More

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Posted 15/01/2015