PAYE: 1 Monthly PAYE return and any payment for May is due 20 June.

GST: 1 & 2 Monthly GST returns and any payments for period end 31 May are due 28 June.

Income Tax Return: Return for the last financial year is due 7 July 2016.

Please Note this 7 July due date applies ONLY for people who do not have an extension of time normally available by using a Tax Agent - nearly all Kiwitax clients will have this extension of time UNLESS income tax return(s) for the previous year were not filed by 31 March 2016. If your income tax return(s) have been filed each year before the due dates then you will almost certainly have an extension of time and your due date for income tax returns is 31 March 2017.

Posted 14/06/2016

Topics: Due Dates

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