Going into self employment, contracting, starting or buying a small business or rental property can be daunting. So many questions and unknowns and a tax compliance minefield to navigate. We can help by answering your questions, providing advice and guidance as to the best structure, record keeping and taxes. Easy!

Trading Structure

It's super important to get advice on choosing the best trading structure for your new venture. We work with you to advise which structure will be most beneficial for ownership while reducing tax plus providing setup services for companies, sole traders and partnerships.

Accounting Systems

With so many choices available now for recording your financial transactions we can advise which may be the easiest and most efficient method for you. These range from simple paper systems and spreadsheets to the latest cloud accounting systems.

Tax Made Easy

We'll clearly explain your tax obligations in easy to understand terms so you're on the right track from the start. As Tax Agents we'll ensure you're properly registered with IRD and fully understand what returns are needed and when.

Professional advice, correct setup and registration for your business or rental property - getting started is super easy!

Inland Revenue Help

Communicating with IRD can be frustrating and time consuming. We take care of business and rental property related IRD communications for you.

Unlimited Free Tax Advice

Talking with Kiwitax team is always free. You're welcome to contact whenever you have questions or are unsure of anything. We're always happy to help!

And more...

We can help with all IRD Registrations, Company Incorporations and Companies Office Returns, Cashflow Forecasts, ACC and more.

Say hello to Kiwitax.

We take fabulous care of accounting and tax for kiwi small business and rental property owners nationwide and beyond.

Kiwitax clients find our customer service is excellent and pricing always fair and reasonable.


Clients enjoy...

A professional accounting and tax practice with excellent client service. We work to maintain IRD compliance while ensuring your tax is minimised, without scary fees.

Stress-free accounting

Plain English communications, easy friendly systems, helpful people, unlimited free advice, IRD and ACC help. Super easy.

Professional team

Members of Accountants + Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand (ATAINZ) ensures professional ethical service.

Fair pricing

Working efficiently ensures reasonable and accountable pricing. There's zero hidden costs, your quote is 100% guaranteed.

Easy IRD

Consistently a professional, efficient service. Working with IRD becomes easy.

Genuine service

On to it people make accounting easy and tax stress-free , we like to help.

Timely compliance

Have your tax returns filed on time and know of any payments and when. Less IRD noise.

Talking with us is always free.

Ask us anything anytime, we're always happy to help.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Kiwitax services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you're not completely satisfied with our service please tell us. If we cannot put things right to your satisfaction we will provide a full refund. As a genuinely client focused business with many very happy clients we're positive Kiwitax services will meet your expectations.