New Team Member Starting Monday

We're excited to welcome Nicky Coombs to Kiwitax. Nicky will be taking care of our office administration and helping the client care team, allowing Rowena to move to full time client care role. Nicky is a super lovely person and will be a wonderful addition to the team. More

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Posted 19/09/2014

Due Dates for September 2014

PAYE: 1 Monthly PAYE return and any payment for August is due 22 September. GST: 1 Monthly GST return and any payment for August is due 29 September. Any questions please ask. More

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Posted 4/09/2014

New Website Now Live

Our new website is now live! Some changes we hope you enjoy are... Refreshed mobile friendly design. More secure client sign in are for uploading files with a nice drag and drop uploader. Combined the News and Infobase now called Updates - we'll post due dates here too each month. The calculators have been tidied up and a new hourly rate calculator added. If there's a calculat... More

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Posted 3/09/2014 – Updated 4/09/2014

New Website Coming Soon

We're almost ready to press the go button for our new website. There's some final polishing happening and will be live in the next week or two. Please note this website uses a newer more secure membership system so if you've created a sign in at our current website (for uploading files etc.) you'll need to create a new one at the new site. Some changes and improvements to look forward to... Com... More

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Posted 20/08/2014

July 7 Deadline

A quick reminder if you / your business has an accountant / tax agent the 7 July deadline most likely isn’t for you, an extension of time to 31 March applies. The main reason the extension wouldn't apply is if tax returns weren't filed with IRD in time for last financial year. This means for Kiwitax clients, don't panic! (Unless you didn't have your income tax returns in to IRD by the due d... More

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Posted 2/07/2014

Calling Trade Me "In Trade" Badge Traders

With the new Trade Me "in trade" badge coming into effect for sellers on 17 June 2014 - it will become very easy for IRD to identify which traders are "in business". These people are required by IRD to keep proper records and prepare business accounts and file income tax and possibly GST returns. If unsure about this or not already set up we highly recommend discussing how best to go forward with... More

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Posted 12/06/2014

New Client Care Team

To better care for Kiwitax clients we've created a new Client Care Team! The goal is to provide clients with additional people to contact anytime they would like... Someone to chat with about anything related to their accounting and tax. More detailed advice / thorough answers to tax and accounting questions. Anything explained clearly making it easier to understand. People to talk to about ... More

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Posted 26/05/2014

Getting a New Loan in Your Company?

A tax area Inland Revenue are focusing on relates to interest claims on company loans. If you are taking out a new loan or hire purchase – where possible get the agreement in the company name. If this isn’t possible and can only be done in your personal name, let us know as soon as you have the paperwork and we will prepare some minutes and resolutions (small cost of $60 + GST) to decl... More

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Posted 15/04/2014

Living Outside of NZ But Have Rental Property Here?

IRD are paying close attention to the residency status of individuals who have left New Zealand but still have a dwelling here which they could live in. A recent court case saw IRD win and were able to determine a client was a tax resident of NZ even though the taxpayer had been out of NZ for several years! This means that the taxpayer had to declare their worldwide income and tax paid in their NZ... More

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Posted 15/04/2014

Thinking of Buying a Holiday Home?

The tax rules around holiday homes have changed significantly making many formerly available tax deductions unavailable. If considering buying a property to be available for short term hire e.g. a holiday home which is rented out to the public for short periods and you also want to make use of the property - please contact us first for advice! If buying such a property for tax relief it's now not... More

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Posted 15/04/2014

Terminal Tax Due Today

Reminder: Today (April 7 2014) any terminal tax payments for year ending 31 March 2013 are due today for people who have an IRD extension of time. Any questions please ask! More

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Posted 7/04/2014

Financial Year End Checklists

We're preparing client annual accounting checklists and will be mailing out very soon - the checklists will also be available to download. Please look out for them and read carefully as there's important information on what to do around 31 March, some tax saving tips and how to have your annual accounts and income tax returns prepared and filed. If you're a client and changed your mail address ... More

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Posted 17/03/2014

Important - Financial Year End is Very Soon

31 March is quickly approaching - please note... Annual income tax returns for NZ tax payers with income from self employment, business and rental property need to be filed with IRD by 31 March 2014 - for financial year ended 31 March 2013. Last chance to have your 31 March 2013 annual accounts prepared - be in quick and we'll do our best to meet the deadline for you but time is very short. I... More

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Posted 17/03/2014

New Income Tax Calculator

We've just uploaded a new Income Tax calculator. Simply enter your estimated income / sales and expenses / costs per year, month or week and the calculator will give your profit and the tax in each bracket plus the total estimated income tax for the year. Please note it doesn't include the extra expense claims we make for you, Working For Families and so on - just a basic estimate to give an idea ... More

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Posted 25/02/2014

Waitangi Day Weekend

A quick heads up we'll be closed Friday 7 February - with Waitangi Day on Thursday 6 February - it's a great opportunity to enjoy a long weekend and many of the team had planned to be away on leave anyway. Thanks for understanding and apologies for any inconvenience. We'll be back on Monday 10 February for business as usual and will respond to any messages then. More

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Posted 3/02/2014